Thursday, May 12, 2011

6 months old!

Adam and I are back from our trip, and Addison did well most of the time we were gone. As the antibiotics clear her system, she's beginning to stop throwing up as much. I really believe now that those medications were causing it. Last night she had one bad episode, but I think she might be getting a blockage. Her belly is kindof swollen up top so I will be keeping an eye on that.

She is 6 months old now! Its amazing to me for being so tiny how well she is developing. She is able to push herself off the ground with arms fully extended. She is starting to scoot on her belly to see things she wants. She is VERY interested in what we are all eating - today I am going to start the Neocate Nutra babyfood. She is now picking things up in her hands and grabbing at everything. She babbles and if I say "Mama" to her, she attempts to repeat it, but no real clear word yet. It sounds alot like "AHHHHmmmmbbbaaa!"

The crying episodes have decreased also, I can only hope that the meds were giving her bad tummyaches. The only downside is that her weight gain has slowed again.... She has been hovering under 13 pounds for 2-3 weeks now. Her poop is still happening a little on its own, but doesnt appear to be enough to keep her comfortable yet. We are using suppositories and irrigation as needed.

I got a phone call from Columbus saying they changed their mind and the doctor wants to see her in 2 weeks instead of July. That's good I guess.... I'm not really ready to point blank tell the doctor she made Addison much sicker than she was before we went there. I'll have to dig up some courage in the next couple weeks. If I don't write much this week its because our middle child, Lily, is sick and may have Lyme disease. We managed to end up in the hospital our first day home,but surprisingly it wasn't Addison! :)

I'm going to start getting around a list of questions for the doctor - I wish Adam could go with me, he has no trouble at all telling them how he feels about things.  I always seem to feel inferior and out of line when I am trying to disagree with the doctor or explain why I think they are wrong about something. I try to remember that its MY baby and I know her best, but I still always get in there and freeze and have trouble finding the right words.

Next week she has several appointments, including U of M GI. The same doctor who dismissed our concerns back in January when we were scared there might be something wrong.... We also are supposed to see a neurologist, have her 6 month checkup, and a urologist at detroit childrens hospital. So if you are the praying type, please pray for Addison's appointments, continued progress developmentally, weight gain..... and low gas prices :)


  1. God will give you the words needed at the Columbus appointment - He'll know exactly what you need to say when necessary :) You know what's best and you're doing an amazing job!

  2. I'm very gald to hear she's doing better and developing well!! I really hope things keep looking up for you!! I will be thinking about your family this week and hoping you hear some good things at the doctors!