Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Do I dare?

Sunday was my oldest daughter's 4th Birthday party, and it had all the craziness a 4th birthday deserves, haha.We had too many people for our little house, and it rained all day so the kids couldnt go outside at all. Interesting combination! Brooklyn had a great day though and thankfully Addison did too - she even had diarrhea all over my dads lap :)

We are on day 3 with no meds; I'm letting her body 'reset' itself and see if she poops at all. Then I will add back all her non-antibiotic medications. Interestingly enough, she barely threw up yesterday. One day with Addi is not enough to make a good observation but I am excited to see if her condition improves without all this crap in her system. I'm not a doctor or anything, but overwhelming her tiny system with 7 or 8 different medications is too much in my opinion, especially when they are just for guess-and-check purposes, not any lifethreatening reason to be on them. So now, we will do it our way for awhile :)

Other than the day of Brooklyn's party, she's pretty much been screaming ALL the time. Its not a pleasant scream either, she screams like someone is trying to kill her. It makes me so sad when she's doing it and even holding her and talking to her doesnt slow her down at all. Then all of the sudden sometimes after a few minutes, or sometimes hours...she will just stop and be totally fine until the next 'episode' starts. It definitely seems like cramping.... I just wish I knew why she was in so much pain, if shes not backed up w poop. I'll be back to write more later, the girls are clamoring for breakfast!

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