Friday, June 24, 2011

Sitting here in 4A East - Gastro Floor @ Nationwide Childrens Hospital

Wednesday night we went to the ER where an emergency room doctor was super unhelpful and sent us on our way without doing any tests.

7am I got a phone call from Dr. M's nurse saying she wanted to admit Addison in Columbus, and could we please be there by 2:30pm. By 10am I was packed and on the road. A long but uneventful drive -she slept the whole way, and I wished I could! At 2:30 we were seen by Dr.M in the GI Clinic and she said she wanted to keep her for feeding therapy and to get he hydrated.

Addison was admitted around 5pm yesterday and things have been fairly basic. We got an iv (they use NUMBING cream here!! And the iv was placed right on the very first try!!!) and got a good amount of fluids in her. We just unplugged the fluids at noon today. The idea is that she will eat and drink enough to maintain her hydration without the iv.

She had an xray that looked decent, some dilated section of bowel but nothing serious and the stool was not compacted. They have talked about feeding tubes but so far shes doing better than she was at home. I would love to get out of here and go home but no talk of that yet.

And I just want to brag for a minute that I have the most awesome hubby in the world, and the girls and I are soooo blessed to have him in our lives. He spent last night having a date night with BK and Lily, he took them out to get Dibs ice cream snacks, gave them a silly bubble bath complete with hairwashing games, and then the 3 of them snuggled up in our bed to watch Gnomeo and Juliet. Its so awesome to know they are in such good hands when I am gone, he is always going above and beyond anything I would ever expect. They adore him and its no surprise why - he spends every moment I am gone making sure they are being loved and attended to. They never complain or get jealous of all the attention Addison needs, and its because Adam makes every minute I am gone super special time with Dad. I love him for a million reasons but this is a big one!


  1. God has a uncanny way of placing the right people in our lives at the right time! AMEN for great partners in life :)

  2. &guess who Jamie and I saw on our date tonight?! Adam and the girls! We sat at our table and talked about how awesome he is for taking them out to Red Lobster for dinner. You have such a great husband and you're so blessed to have him. :) Hope Addison feels better soon. Hurry home so I can kiss her big ol' baby cheeks!