Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Admitted again...

Its 2:55am and I cannot get any sleep. My brain is going a million miles an hour. I feel like I need to push harder for them to work this out. Addison's currently admitted to St. V's and they plan on an MRI of her brain in the morning. I am anxious and I don't want to say much until we know more, but my Mommy radar thinks we are very very close to an answer.

I researched a specific disorder today that fits Addison's problems perfectly. Tomorrow I will get the courage to tell them I expect them to fully investigate this possibility. I have a hard time with instinct but when it comes to my baby, I will go with my gut. I have a strong feeling this is it.

I will update soon, and please continue to pray. Your thoughts and prayers are a constant source of comfort.



  1. I pray God will give you the strength to stand up to the doctor's with confidence and that they will hear you! Good luck!

  2. I pray every single day for your daughter. Please keep trusting God. He is able to heal Addison. May you be encouraged in this difficult time by knowing God is still on the throne and Addison is destined for great things.

  3. We're praying for little Addison! I hope you can find the answers you need to help Addison be well. God Bless, and Good Luck!

  4. I am keeping Addison (and your whole family) in my thoughts and pray you will find the answers soon! Mommy radars are amazing, powerful things.

  5. Praying for your family and Addison.. I hope you get some much needed answers and some hope..