Tuesday, February 7, 2012

What's new around here...

I mentioned earlier that we had an eventful week, and that's putting it mildly.

Thursday the 26th, I was feeling a ton of pressure, but not really any contractions in the morning. Lily had come down with a terrible stomach flu and was throwing up everywhere, I felt so terrible for her but I knew it was important that I didnt catch it either since anything like that could throw me into labor. Daddy toughed it out and took care of her, but throughout the day, I began to feel like I was coming down with the flu... and then, I never got sick. It was really strange, and I kept thinking I would either start throwing up and actually have the flu - or labor was near. So I laid in bed all day. Neither happened... and then come late afternoon, I started having some bleeding (scary!) so we decided to call my OB who told me to head into Labor and Delivery since we knew I was already dilated some.

We got there and they checked me out, and informed us that I had dilated even more and my cervix was thin and shortening. Baby Audrina's foot was wedged down in at the base of my cervix. We were really frustrated to hear this since I hadn't been contracting much at all and we thought everything was going well. They immediately admitted me for hospital bedrest. That night, they came in and told us they wanted to start me on a magnesium sulfate IV to prevent labor/protect baby from Cerebral Palsy. It took 5 different pokes to get my IV in, which was awful (all I could think about was Addison -  this happens everytime they try to give her one..) and the magnesium made me REALLY sick and I spent most of the next day completely out of it.

My parents came over to stay with the girls and after a few hours I get a phone call that Addison is now throwing up too.. I am about to lose it, since I was already terribly worried about her and now the poor kiddos are all throwing up and I can't take care of anyone. Addison gets so sick, so fast and I was terrified that she would need to go into the ER and I wouldn't be there to take her.

Friday was my birthday - and the ONLY good part of the day was the part where I didn't have a baby. I was drugged up and they had to catheterize me. OUCH.... I was ecstatic when they finally let me take that out the next day. Saturday they weaned me off the magnesium and we saw Maternal Fetal Medicine. They said things appeared to be stable for now and told me as long as everything stayed calm, I'd be allowed to go home Sunday. I had tons of wonderful company on Saturday, visits from my wonderful friends and family. Unfortunately, Friday night my mom who had been taking care of the kids, got terribly sick as well and long story short, I ended up bawling my eyes out over the fact that I couldn't be there taking care of my family, and finally just sending Adam home to take the kids, so I could relax and know everyone was taken care of and at home in their own beds.

Saturday night, Adam surprised me and brought Addison up to see me - it had been killing me not to see any of them while they were sick. She looked awful, but she hadn't thrown up for a few hours and we decided she was on the mend. She curled up in my lap and was just ecstatic to see me. It was so hard to be away from her all that time! Poor baby lost almost an entire pound from being sick and it makes me mad just thinking how long that pound took us to gain. Unfortunately, as soon as she recovered from the flu, her C-Diff came back with a vengeance and right now, she's doing pretty poorly. It's obvious she's feeling bad. I so wish I could just take that away from her.... I hate seeing her suffer.

So that's why we've been MIA - my cervix is holding steady where its at, so things are looking okay for now. MFM ordered a fetal echocardiogram that made us all nervous but everything came back normal so that was good news. Babygirl is consistently measuring over 2 weeks big for her age so that is great to hear as well.  I will be 29 weeks Friday - and I am gaining hope for 32 weeks :)

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