Monday, April 2, 2012


I saw the vast amount of new friends (over 500 people!) coming to the page today, and I truly felt inspired to share with you all an amazing thing that God did tonight....just to show me just how much He loves us and wants us to be happy. I had a rough day and He found a way to remind me again how good it feels to have God's love in abundance throughout a trial.

I wrote earlier of difficult news and possible serious complications for Audrina's health. Today was hard, no question about it - and I was trying desperately not to start demanding God tell me "Why us?". We have this perfect new little life to celebrate, and it seems that for reasons unbeknownst to me, her infancy has been chosen to carry perhaps part of the burden of our family's unique and sometimes painful testimony.

So first and foremost, welcome to the blog. I am beyond touched at the number of people my rambling thoughts have had the power to reach. I never imagined when I started it, that we would be anywhere near where we are today, but what a testimony! God has been walking with us, nurturing us to prepare us for this journey since long before we were even a family. For those who have shared the page with their friends and family in order to lift us up in prayer, it means so much to us. I have been in awe that total strangers would repost our prayer request or ask their church community to pray for a tiny baby 10 states away who they will never know.

On with the story:
I am a part of a support group of parents whose children are bound by one unifying factor, we all have kids with serious medical issues that led us to a single place: Cincinnati Children's Hospital. These wonderful, strong people (as well as our SNaMCK family) have acted as our cheerleading squad time and time again. Only a handful of us have ever met in person, and of those, most took place for 10 minutes in a hospital cafeteria between appointments. There is an amazing sense of camaraderie among us despite varying diagnoses and outcomes.

I got a message tonight from Suzanne, one of the parents in that Cincinnati support group, saying she had been called to pray tonight in SOUTH FLORIDA for one little babygirl.... named Audrina Dick in Ohio. This brought tears to my eyes. Someone, somewhere, cared enough to pray for a stranger's child. And then they told someone, who told someone, and now those who lift our family in prayer are running into others who do as well. All of this, over 1000 miles away.... I'm simply in awe. And for that story to get back to me, just totally warmed my heart on this day of struggles.

So again, welcome and thank you for taking the time to join us on our journey. Please feel free to repost, share the link, and comment as you wish. Writing this is my 'therapy' and we welcome your support and guidance. If you want to learn more about our family, click on the Chasing Zebras tab to read the condensed version of our very blessed life for the past year and a half.

In faith,


  1. She is absolutely beautiful! Smiling because she feels the tremendous amount of prayers being said for her and her wonderful family. Hang in there mom and dad. God is listening, carrying you through this one step at a time and His will be done. Thank you for posting updates. Our continued prayers for healing and strength.

  2. Ah your story brought tears to my eyes. You after all the hate and violence in this world, there is still enough compassion and love and support to go around. Even for thise we have never met or knew.

    I check your blog almost daily and think about your little family. You are a strong one mama.

    Fellow Nov 2010 BBC mama