Sunday, May 6, 2012

Happy Birthday Brooklyn Kay!

This weekend has consisted of birthday madness as our oldest daughter Brooklyn turned five on Friday. We have had a busy weekend of celebrating! Friday, she had school and was very excited to actually have school on THE day of her birthday. Mommy surprised her by sending a top-secret note home with her classmates asking them to meet us at McDonald's to play in the play-place after school. We had yummy ice cream cone cake pops and the kids had a blast. Most of all, Brooklyn was VERY surprised, so surprised in fact that she said, "Thats weird... why are all my friends at McDonalds just like us?" Then when she saw Daddy and Grammy, it all clicked! "Oh. My. Goodness! Mommy you surprised me!!"

Friday night we took her out alone for a date with mom and dad and having us to herself sure made her day extra-special. She's been such a wonderful patient big sister this year. We were so happy we could spend some time with her. She chose dinner at Applebees, where she got a balloon and huge ice cream sundae. Then, we went bowling - where Brooklyn beat Mom and Dad with a solid 83. (Before you laugh, try to remember we've hardly left the house in five years, Bowling is not something we've had time for!)

Sunday was her big family party at Grammy's house. We are big on themes and decided this year on a Lorax theme! We loved the bright colors and awesome story and we couldn't wait to bring it to life for Brooklyn's big day. We had a wonderful turnout and couldn't have asked for better weather - Brooklyn had been hoping for good enough weather to play outside. Addison enjoyed herself at the party, and Audrina was a little agitated but did manage to let mama share her attention with Brooklyn and eventually snuggled up and fell asleep.

The cake: Cherry Chip and homemade marshmellow fondant... don't mind the truffula trees falling apart, our Lilybug was picking at them, lol.

She gets very embarrassed when we sing happy birthday.

Addison's turn for night-night lights :)

Anyway, so many of my posts pertain to Addison and Audrina, but tonight I just want to share a little about my sweet BK. Brooklyn is the sunshine in my world on the darkest days. She is so caring and bright and I am so proud of the little woman she is becoming. She has obviously been through so much in her life already, and she has never let that get her down. She is an outstanding big sister who would do anything to help Mommy or put a smile on her sisters faces. She is hilarious, and her and Adam go round and round teasing one another. You can often hear her sarcastically saying, "REALLY, Dad?! REALLY?!" when he tries to embarrass her. I can't believe its been five years, she was truly the real beginning of my life and my first true love.

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  1. Looks like you had an amazing birthday Brooklyn! Happy be-lated but special birthday!