Saturday, June 2, 2012

I can breastfeed and type at the same time!

*Note - this post is from May 25 - I somehow forgot to post! So some things have changed since then, but this is the update for that week.

Finally I am getting the hang of nursing and catching up on the blog simultaneously :) I've missed our readers! I hope you are all doing fantastic and starting to enjoy what feels like summer outside!

My dear friends, its been an eventful couple of weeks since I last posted. Here is a recap of our family goings-on.

Before I get started on the medical updates, I am excited to share that I was offered a position as the Jr. High Cheerleading Coach at the school my husband graduated from! For those who don't know me, I was very active in cheerleading, competitive cheerleading and dance all through school. I've really missed it. Its going to be really nice to get out of the house once in awhile. Anyway, I am really looking forward to it and I will keep you guys posted. Tryouts are next week and then I am going to host a cheer camp with the girls later this summer.

Brooklyn, my oldest, graduated from preschool on Monday. I did NOT cry which was an accomplishment in itself. She was hilarious - she reminded me so much of myself at my high school graduation. Just looking around thinking, "Alright, onto the next phase of life!" She was too cute, sitting with her little legs crossed looking all grown up. I was one proud mommy! She had wonderful, wonderful teachers who did a fantastic job (insert shameless plug for Little Lamb Preschool.... If you live in the bedford area, this is the most economical choice in town and your child will be prepared for Kindergarten when they leave. Almost every kid in BK's class could sign the alphabet in sign language, print the alphabet, and were starting to learn to read sight words by the end. The teacher-student ratio is like 6 to 1. I can't say enough good things, Brooklyn went there for two years. Highly recommend it!)

Addison saw the eye doctor, who said her palor of her optic nerves is unchanged from the last visit and all signs indicate she sees perfectly well. So good news there, praise the Lord! She had a short 20 minute EEG to check for seizures since they are common with the other problems she has, but so far so good. Those results are back and normal as well. Hooray!

Audrina is making me nervous - an increase in apnea alarms and she is crying almost all the time now - otherwise, she's just lethargic. Sleeping almost 23 hours a day, barely alert. The nurse was here and is also concerned about her tone. Saw a ped (not our normal one) who told me not to be so 'paranoid'. Ugh... I wanted to scream at her, after everything we have been through, I think I have every right to be paranoid! Not to mention, its pretty abnormal to have a 5 week old baby who sleeps all day and all through the night and is impossible to wake up.

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