Monday, September 24, 2012

Be blessed, and be a blessing.

First of all, welcome to all our new blog friends. This is an incredible journey we have been on and if you are just joining us, I encourage you to check back over the past nearly two years of this crazy ride, that began when Addison was just a few weeks old. Whether you stumbled here by accidentally clicking on an adorable bald baby named Audrina, or a friend told you about us, or you saw it on facebook - we appreciate your prayers all the same. The blog started out as a way to keep friends and family updated on our situation.... but it quickly grew to become a testament to the growth of faith in our family. I hope when you read it, you cry with us, laugh with us, rejoice in the little victories and cheer them on as they continue to persevere through this life.

No one wants to see their children suffering. But recently someone asked if I regret how our life has turned out the past two years, I had to smile and say not a chance. We've made beautiful memories and oh, how we've all grown - physically, as a family, and spiritually. God is using this, its hard to see it now but I am patiently trusting in the path that has been set before me, by a God who loves me incredibly and unselfishly. How could His way not be best?

I hope you will join us in prayer and please feel free to stop by and check in on us anytime. The support I've found here is immeasurable.... and those of you reading this who have been here longer, you know I cherish your supportive comments and words of encouragement. So thank you for being here! In the words of Matthew 18:20.... Sharing with you means God will hear our prayers.

"For where two or three come together in my name, there am I with them."


  1. I was just saying to Nancy the other day that I feel like I know you so much better now that we are "cincinnati friends!" I remember first reading about your family on baby center:)

  2. Always praying for you all.Take Care.

  3. always praying for your entire family. it was nice to finally meet you in person at your garage sale. Your girls are absolutely beautiful! You and Adam should be so proud!!!