Thursday, October 25, 2012

3 more days.

Keep praying -- Atlanta in 3 days.
If I'm not blogging much, its because I'm still feeling pretty sick most of the time (the cause of this is still unknown) and spending every bit of free time preparing for this appointment. I want to be sure I've covered all my bases and I want to pose the tough questions that I've never had the courage to ask. I want to feel when we leave, that I had everything addressed that we wanted addressed and that we feel comfortable with what direction things are headed in. So my head has just been brewing many things that have never been discussed... maybe we can finally have some peace in terms of what is happening and why.


  1. I so hope that you get some answers and they figure this all out so you can all have some peace and understanding. I just can't even begin to imagine what you are ALL going through. Praying for answers for you and your family!!! <3

  2. Praying she has a great plan for your little girls.Also for safe travels for you all.