Saturday, October 13, 2012

Pray for Mommy

Hi everyone -

If you haven't seen many posts lately, its because Mommy hasn't been feeling good for a few weeks now. She finally went to the doctor yesterday and they will be drawing a lot of bloodwork this week and they told Mommy she needs to get some rest so her body can respond to whatever is going on.

Could you pray for her like you've been praying for us?

Her body is very tired for some reason and its very hard to take care of us when she is feeling sick all the time. Pray that God will take good care of her. She is worried; she needs to be healthy and strong to keep up with all of us. Daddy is worried about her too. And that's the last thing our family needs, more worries! So if you have a minute, please ask God to make Mommy feel better again. Mommy says she will update you guys when she knows more about what is making her feel so crummy. (She also says to tell you its definitely NOT another baby. Phew!)

Addison & Audrina

PS. Did you order a Chasing Zebras necklace yet? Mommy's came today and its sooo BEAUTIFUL! She said she is never taking it off.

PPS. That is my boyfriend Grayson below. Please don't tell my dad!!




  1. Praying as always!

  2. Hope you get answers soon sweetie. It is seriously no fun to be sick as a mommy. Praying for you to heal soon.

  3. Praying for your health and strength as well as the girls and your entire family. <3