Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Nationwide Children's Hospital - April 13-14

I'm packing right now, we are headed to Columbus tomorrow evening to Nationwide Children's Hospital - this trip is very exciting because we are going to see one of the very best peds G.I. doctor's in the country. We were put on a four-month-long waiting list, but after our most recent hospitalization, they bumped her to the front of the line and I got the call Thursday that we would be going right away.

Addison will be seen by the doctor from 8-9am, and then will have a procedure and biopsy surgery under anesthesia at 11:30. I'm not thrilled to see them put her to sleep again so soon, but these tests are very important and perhaps will yield some clue as to why she's had so much trouble. She is having an anal manometry study which can tell us if her internal sphincter isn't functioning properly. Then, she will have a sigmoidoscopy and surgical biopsy. This will be the first time anyone has actually looked at her insides through a scope, so maybe some new information will be revealed through the process.

After recovery, we will hopefully be headed home until we get word to come back for results and to decide what our next move is. The worst part of it for me is sitting in the OR waiting room, not able to touch or see her. Our last surgery was supposed to last an hour, and three hours went by without any explanation - I was a mess - so needless to say I am very nervous about the whole thing now. I really hope this goes smoothly and complication-free so we can come home right away. I hate the way her little voice sounds so weak after having the breathing tube in for hours. Please pray for us that everything goes according to plan and that a new set of eyes on her case will mean new information that leads us closer to a diagnosis.


  1. Definitely praying here Kim. I am glad you have this blog set up. It'll be great to be able to check in here and see how things are going and if you need anything you can let us know on here along with FaceBook...Hang in there and remember that the Lord will be right beside you in that waiting room on Thursday..♥

  2. Thinking of you guys and praying for answers for your little sweetie.

  3. Praying for little Addison's quick diagnosis, treatment & recovery. Stay strong ♥
    Doug, Diana, Kenny & Katelin Dillon

  4. Kim...I had no idea you were going through so much with your beautiful little. Many hugs to you and your sweet family... I will be praying this trip provides some answers for you all
    -emily smith (Tompkins)