Saturday, April 23, 2011

The sun is shining!!

Everything is about the same.... she's still throwing up once to a couple of times a day, and we are terrified of her choking. Adam and I always have to jump up, grab her, flip her onto her belly, and pound her back so she can breathe.

The antibiotics are finally working and she's having some bowel movements on them - mostly diarrhea thoguh so I am concerned that she will stay hydrated.. She's happier since her belly isn't backed up and swollen, but I'm not sure this is a plan we can live with for any length of time - she can't just take antibiotics forever... can she? The doctor said to give it another week ... then call her and we will reassess our situation.

Its a beautiful day here and Miss A is FINALLY getting her first playtime outside in Michigan. We've got some supercute bunny ears and I'll post some new pictures later. Happy Easter everyone, from our family to yours. 


  1. Found your blogspot through babycenter. Very similiar to what we are going through with our sweet girl, but different in some ways. Trust me when I say, I in many ways understand your frustrations..Email me if you want to stay in contact or swap ph numbers to txt or talk...I know I'm always needing to vent about Frustrations With dr's, her losing weight, Dr's telling us idk. Praying for you and your sweet Family. My email is

  2. Didnt mean to post anonymous,lol! My name is Paige! First time to ever post to a blog :)

  3. i just found your blog thru our little men. i envy your strength! lots & lots of prayers!