Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Long time, no update.

Sorry I've been MIA for a few days - everyone in the house has been sick, except Adam - and he's been busy taking care of the rest of us. We all have some sort of nasty cold - I am feeling MUCH better today though.

Addison weighs 12 pounds, 6 ounces! I was really excited at the peds office until I realized how much she was falling OFF the chart - We are really happy about her growth spurt but apparently the normal kids are having them too because despite a whole pound being gained since we started in Columbus a couple weeks ago, she's STILL off the charts. At 6 months, the 10th percentile is over 14 pounds. Her adjusted age has fallen from the 50th percentile to the 4th. So while we are excited that she's starting to gain, its not really enough to get 'ahead' of our off-chart curve.

 More green diarrhea from the antibiotics, but not too worried since she seems much more comfortable and happy than she did backed up. She is having her sweat chloride repeated on Thursday at U of M. This is a BIG day and the results will tell us alot - how much change from the last time. And of course, there's a  chance she could be diagnosed with CF after the test results come in. Trying not to worry too much about it, we are just glad they are repeating. Last time her numbers were really really low - so it will be interesting to see if they are still very low, more in the middle, or positive. Even if the test is negative, if her sweat levels have gone up alot theres a good chance we will be headed to a pulmonologist anyway.

Also this week, we hired a part-time nanny to help us out when we are in the hospital and away at appts. Its just gotten to be too much for us and our families have sacrificed more than enough already for us. The girls are tired of being shuffled around from place to place when I am gone, so this way they will be at home and with the same person most of the time that we must be away. We have been so blessed with some financial help from friends and family that has helped out tremendously with groceries, meds, and rising cost of gas to and from appointments. If that's you, thank you SO much. Having to stress out about money on top of a sick baby is simply unbearable. Also, a very kind mommy we have never met read Addi's story and offered to send us several unused cans of our babygirl's special formula, which is extremely expensive and not covered by our insurance. We are especially grateful for her donation as well. God has blessed us in ways we would never have imagined...and we hope He will work through our family to bless others as well!

I have lots of pictures to post from easter but I am still sick and pretty exhausted at the moment so check back tomorrow sometime... and if you think of it, please say a prayer for Addison on Thursday at 11 when she is having her sweat test. This is a test that could change our lives forever.

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