Thursday, April 14, 2011

Waiting is the hardest part.

We waited on you for months when I carried you inside me.
We waited for you for 10 hours after my water broke unexpectedly.
After you were rushed to the NICU, I waited impatiently for 3.5 hours to see you for the first time.
When your jaundice was too high, I waited a very long two days to hold you again while you were in your little warmer bed.
I waited, and pumped milk for months, until you were strong enough to breastfeed.
We waited on doctors to find an answer, week after week. When that didn't happen - we got new doctors and waited for them to figure it out too.
I've waited in depressing surgery waiting rooms... I've waited for hope, waited for answers, waited for a day when this is all behind us.
But I am so tired of waiting.......
I just want you as perfect and beautiful on the inside, as you are on the outside.

Addison's pre-surgery appointment went really well. Dr. Mousa seems extremely good at what she does. She explained that after looking at Addison's xrays and contrast enema's, she does have some 'odd' structural features. Her colon is thinner than they typically see and a portion of her small intestine is too. She explained the different things she would be looking at in the OR. She let me ask a million questions and she patiently answered them all thoroughly. She's looking for inflammation of Addison's intestines and a source of the blood she's been passing. She said that the problem is very likely causing both her bladder and stooling issues. She also was the first person to present a theory as to why Addison isn't gaining weight - her system appears to be working at far less efficiency than it should be. So her food is actually rotting in the intestines and begins to lose its nutritional value by the time she starts to absorb it. She even already let me know what the plan is if this DOESNT tell us anything. Which is we will come back and be admitted here for a closer look at the entire system from end to end.

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  1. Hi Kim,
    This blog is a great idea. Praying for Addison!
    love and hugs