Saturday, April 16, 2011

Worried about the future...

Before I left Nationwide, I asked what would happen if we got home and the antibiotics didn't keep her cleaned out. The doctor said, "I just really don't think that's even a possibility - it won't be an issue."

Well, Addison was admitted into the hospital again today, for vomiting and not pooping, despite all the meds. We had a little bit of panic when they did her vitals at admission; they found her respirations were around 80, which is very high for her age. We ran some tests and did xray's and found an abnormal amount of gas trapped in her system, indicating an obstruction. There was so much gas backed up that it was pressing on her lungs and making it hard for her to breath.

She was also really dehydrated so they attemped to start an IV - 7 pokes later, it was finally in place. Poor kid has had 11 needle pokes in the past four days. That is one of the worst parts for me, watching them hold her down and she's fighting them and screaming, for 20-30 minutes sometimes.

Columbus told us we should not use anything in the rectum (irrigations, suppositories, etc.) because of all the inflammation. However, this is the ONLY way to get her cleaned out- the only way that works - and with an obstruction the danger of a perforation or breathing trouble was more dangerous than the risks of irritating the inflammation more.

So, Adam and I performed an irrigation on her and removed 4 OUNCES of stool from her. Her Neocate stool is blackish/green and at the end of the irrigation she passed a huge yellow breast milk hard piece of stool. That was from Wednesday night - the last time she was breastfed - even though she had a suppository and enema before her sigmoidoscopy on Thursday. She did provide us with some comic relief by spraying me with poop - my hair, arm, shirt and her bed. She got so much out and was smiling before we even had her cleaned up. Next they placed an NG tube, and she did not like that one bit. She won't be eating anything for a little while though. Even though tonight she is more comfortable, the question now is how do we keep this from happening again in a couple of days? If we don't have a plan, we will be right back here by the beginning of the week. We also found out she has an ear infection.

The plan for tonight is to keep her off feedings, and just give her fluids to rest her bowels. She is going to be irrigated every 6 hours to relieve gas. Starting a third antibiotic for her ear infection and hopefully tomorrow morning sorting out our next steps. Surgeons will be here at 6:30 am so we had better get some rest. Thanks again for your continued thoughts and prayers.

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