Friday, May 20, 2011

Sunshine = A better day.

Today was a gorgeous late spring day. It ALMOST felt like summer, which gave me that glimmer of hope that we might actually have one eventually. For those of you who live elsewhere, its been a terrible spring, raining almost every day. Not good when you have kids who love to play outside, and a husband who can't do his job when its raining!

So we spent today enjoying the sunshine. I made the kids lunch out at the picnic table and Addison sat outside for one of her first tastes of solids. She is eating Neocate Nutra babyfood, a special food that is made from the same stuff her formula is. Speaking of which, THANK YOU very much to the anonymous sender of 4 cans of Neocate! Please message me who you are so I can say a proper thank you. It continues to bring me such relief and joy whenever we get these little blessings from family and friends. Its truly more help than I could ever have imagined, and I wanted to share that with the addition of these last cans, we now have enough Neocate donated to us to last several months. So thanks again to all who helped us out by giving us your leftovers. I hope God continues to bless your children and their individual health concerns.

Addison had a GREAT day today, smiling and wanting to explore the world. She's really starting to notice what is around her and watching her newfound awareness is so much fun. She is trying to wave, not very successfully but she does put her little fingers out and give them a wiggle down by her side. She also can pivot in a circle on her belly to get whatever is behind her.... I don't think it will be long before she is mobile.

Things are starting to firm up again down below, so I am hoping we are getting past the Enterocolitis. She went with just a suppository tonight - love those drama-free poops!!! :)

Today was a good day.  (And here's the proof...)

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