Sunday, June 17, 2012

PICU admission, Audrina, June 17

My sweet Audrina is back in the PICU again, she showed signs of possible meningitis or other serious blood infection so they did a spinal tap and lots of testing in the the ER and moved us up to the PICU to get antibiotics as a safety measure and watch her closely. She seems to be doing relatively well, I will be back to tell you about the events leading up to our admission, it was a wild week full of many worries. She was very dehydrated, to the point where she hardly had any spinal fluid to draw, it took a lot longer because they had to keep redoing it to try and get the minimal amount of fluid that was available.

Bloodwork looked more indicative of a viral illness than bacterial infection, so that is good - but we are not out of the woods until the cultures come back clean. Her liver enzymes and Lymphocytes are elevated, so we are just waiting to hear what the next step.

Happy Father's Day to all of the wonderful daddies out there. Adam is enjoying his curled up on the couch here in our hospital room sleeping away the day... I'm glad he is getting some rest, we are all exhausted. More updates to come.



  1. Hi I am thinking of you all.Praying that they can figure out what is causing all of this.Viruses can be so horendous to such a tiny body.Are they testing to see which virus it is?
    Lots of hugs.