Monday, July 2, 2012

Wrong again.

Well, I don't feel up to writing much other than to say quickly that we are back to square one. Our Cleveland Clinic appt yielded nothing but heartache. I will post a long update tonight hopefully, but basically just be in prayer for us, please. This doctor told us he thought Addison is somewhat autistic (not her primary diagnosis), but that her underlying disease triggered autism in some way. Hard news of course, and our pediatrician suggested we see a world-renowned autism expert to sort out Addison's complicated developmental course. More to come, thanks for checking in on us.



  1. I'm so sorry things aren't looking up for you guys. Praying every day that answers come for your little girls. <3

  2. Zan&amp;Dan (Rosanna C)July 3, 2012 at 12:02 PM

    I'm sorry to hear you guys are getting more bad news. You are in our prayers daily!

  3. That is such hard news. Always in my thoughts and prayers and know you are going to figure this out.

  4. Praying for you all.IF there is one thing I have learned as a SN parent is patience.It is truly frustrating when you can clearly see that there is something now right with your LO's and Drs just give you a number and make you take a seat.
    I pray that answers do come your way soon.

  5. Hard news, I know, but my goodness, Addison is so perfect in her own, beautiful way. I'm certain that patience is hard to come by these days, but what an amazing thing it is that God gave you the honor of being her mother, because you are so capable of helping her have a full and wonderful life.

  6. wow, that sounds odd to treat autism as a secondary to a primary disease that they have yet to name.
    Mayo clinic is a little far for you, but they are fabulous and may be worth checking into to see if they can help. We took my son there this year and they have done a great job caring for him as he had an unusual injury for his age {our local doctors would not treat him}. We are about a 3 hour drive, and have made many trips..............but it has been totally worth it!
    Keep hanging in there, praying for you...........follow your "mommy gut".