Tuesday, September 4, 2012

A poem for Addison & Audrina.

If I could have gone to heaven to choose the child I would bear,
I still would have selected you, with extra special thought and care.
Knowing all that I know now,
 Would not have changed my mind somehow.
If God told me you would make me witness to a suffering child,
I'd still have wrapped you in my arms and just sat there and smiled.
If He told me you would make me cry a thousand tears,
I'd just vow to measure our time together in moments instead of years.
If He told me you would take up every minute of my day,
With doctors, tests, and tubes, I'd close my eyes and say "Okay."
If He told me that my faith would be tested time and time again,
I would anticipate the chance you'd bring, to choose Him over sin.
If He warned me of the pain that my broken heart would feel,
I'd consider myself blessed to have known something so real.
There's no amount of pain too great that could've made me want to miss,
Being chosen as your mommy, there's no greater love than this.
But instead of pain, I feel only hope... and strength instead of fear.
Cause when He made you, He knew just what to do...
 He re-made me too, my dear.
I love you both so very, very much. I am proud of the person you've turned me into. There's nothing I won't do to make your lives as fulfilling, safe, and happy as possible... absolutely nothing.
Daddy and I, and your big sisters feel so lucky that God chose both of you to complete our family. Never for a minute would I wish to go back to life without you.
SOON we are going to have answers and then more help will be on the way again!
Love, Mommy


  1. This is beautiful! You are an incredible mother and your girls blessed that God chose you and sent them to your family. I'm from your Nov 2010 babycenter board and always am encouraged, moved, or gain information from your incredible posts. Thank you for sharing your story!

  2. How precious.It will be so lovely one day when they are able to see this and know how much you love and care for them through everything you all go through.You are truly an inspiration to me.You make me carry on when I want to give up.Hope you are all doing well.
    Take Care

  3. Another mom from the Nov 2010 BB who has been following your story from the beginning. Your strength humbles me.

  4. Tears in my eyes. You said it so well. Praying for y'all. Love.

  5. November 2010 mom here too who has followed your journey these past two years. Always praying for you-you are amazing-never forget that. Your babies are destined for great things, God is able-keep the faith. xo