Thursday, October 4, 2012

How you can help.

We've had lots of emails and comments asking how you can get involved - many of our local friends and family have been a great source of help during the past few difficult months, and many of our 'far-away friends' have expressed an interest in helping out our family in one way or another. 

Please understand how difficult it is for us to accept help - we want so much to be able to just take care of our family, pay our bills, live comfortably and happily, but over time, we realized that the truth is: We couldn't do it without help. Thank you for respectfully understanding, its an unimaginable situation to find yourself in... especially when you begin to realize its not a temporary circumstance you are in. 

God has provided for us in our most difficult struggles and I try hard not to worry how we will afford the next car repair, dentist bill, or therapy visit that gets denied. Adam is working so hard and I hate that on weeks like this, he will have to work an 8 hour day at a demanding job and then hurry up, change clothes and go right on to another stressful night of work for us to get by with barely a minute to breathe in between. If you don't know him, let me gush for a minute about what an incredible, hard-working, loving family man he is... our girls mean everything to him. He works himself to the bone to make sure we find a way to pay for the important things and I could truly go on all day about how wonderful he is. :) 

Here are some ways you can help:

*The girls all LOVE getting mail - so if you have a stamp to spare and could take a couple minutes to send a note, card, or picture drawn by your fabulous kiddo - that brings a huge smile to their faces. Especially Brooklyn and Lily, I would love for them to get some mail recognizing what awesome big sisters they are! We have had some issues lately with behavior at home and I feel guilty because I know its partly caused by all the attention surrounding Audrina's surgery. I'm trying my best but obviously I am spread pretty thin between all of these demands. So perhaps that is just what they are needing... some recognition for all their awesomeness! You can send your letters to:

4431 Willys Pkwy, Toledo, OH 43612

*We have received donations informally in the past, but for safekeeping purposes, we have now 'officially' started the Chasing Zebras Fund. My short-term hopes for this is that your donations will help pay for medical bills, therapy, and other uncovered expenses. But more exciting than that is my hopes that someday, when we are in a better financial place, we will begin raising money to help support other families of kids with no diagnosis. These families struggle so much without organizations to help them, all the while they are fighting a nameless, faceless monster. I hope someday to bring peace and a sense of hope for families like ours who don't qualify for many scholarships, aid, and other sources of help due to a lack of diagnosis. 
You can be a blessing by donating even just $1. 

*A wonderful group called Cathy's Creations is working on creating a custom pendant for our supporters - you guys rock so this one is all about you! I won't ruin the surprise but its awesome! 
It will be for sale very very soon for a reasonable price. In the meantime, go like her page over at to be the first in line - part of the proceeds of each necklace goes back to the Chasing Zebras Fund as well!

*If you aren't in a financial position to help, but have some free time or another awesome skill you think would be a blessing to us, we would love to hear from you. 

Most important of all, please just PRAY. 
For us, for other families who are suffering, for the future, and for yourselves. God is listening! 

We are just unbelievably greatful for each and every person in our life, especially those who are kind-hearted strangers who have joined us on this journey. You have truly been a huge source of comfort and inspiration. I never imagined I would still be writing this now... but God has used my writing  and our life experiences for an amazing thing and I am very humbly happy to do that.... thank you for reading and continuing to keep up with us over the last almost 2 years!!!

PS - We are about to go home! :) 

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