Sunday, October 7, 2012

Surgery Update - Wednesday, Oct 3

First and foremost, surgery itself went very well! No 'extra' problems and they took many precautions to keep her safe and sound. But more about that in a minute... If you would like to see more picture and frequent updates on the girls, please add us on facebook at - its much easier for us to see and respond to messages that way! We love interacting with all of you and sometimes I don't get notice of comments on the blog.

Second, THANK YOU for all your prayers - my heart has had about all it can take today. God has kept his hand on Audrina and we have been very blessed, but it has still been a very long day for us all. We arrived at 9 am and little miss was already furious that she was NPO and not able to eating anything, so most of our pre-op time was spent holding her and trying to keep her smiling. We met with the anesthesiologist again and he decided it would be a good idea to start Audrina on a big dose of caffeine to protect her from apnea/respiratory issues. Finally at 11:02 she was wheeled into the OR and we said our 'see you laters'.

At 12:39 the surgeon walked into the waiting room (longest 90 minutes EVER!) to get us and he said she did great and there were no extra complications. He was Addison's surgeon for a procedure last year and we trust him immensely - he even asked about her this afternoon after filling us in on Audrina. He said to anticipate going home tomorrow night or Friday morning if all goes well.

About 1:00 we excitedly went up to see her and walked in and noticed she was sunburned-looking from head to toe. They had to give her a medicine to dry up her spit and and I guess it was one of the side effects that it makes them look 'slapped'. She was just screaming horribly in pain and her poor little cry was so hoarse and sad. They explained that because of her apnea and respiratory issues, they didn't want her on any pain meds til she was off the anesthesia. So she basically woke up from havign her tummy cut open with zero pain meds. They got her some tylenol and that bought us about 20 peaceful minutes but she can only have it every four hours and spent the rest of the time screaming. We had great nurses in the PACU and

At 2:30 we found out our bed in the ICU was ready and headed up. She had some issues with her SVT (high heart rates) and had several episodes where she stopped breathing for a short time. She began feedings through her new tube about 4:30 or so and has been doing great so far. They are slowly working her up to her full feedings. I will update more later - keep those prayers coming!

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