Saturday, June 11, 2011

It feels good to be back.

Hi everyone! My computer has been repaired, courtesy of our awesome computer-savvy brother-in-law Tom. I also picked up a huge new monitor for 10 bucks at a garage sale last week, because the one I was working with before appeared to be designed for smurfs. This one is much easier to work with and doesn't leave me with a headache after typing :)

Addison has been up and down lately. She turned 7 months old yesterday, and she is fantastically meeting her milestones far ahead of schedule. Everytime I get disappointed with the way her health is going, I am blessed as I remind myself that her brain seems to be perfect and she is excelling at everything she does. It could be far worse than it has been for us.

So these are the things she has been up to over the past 3 weeks that I've been gone. She started waving which is really adorable - she flaps her arm up and down like a bird. She gives big open mouth kisses, grabbing my face with both hands as she does. She loves to scoot around on her belly, and has mastered rolling front to back. She laughs out loud, ALL the time and its the most beautiful sounds in the world. Sometimes I just close my eyes in the chaos of our house and busy lives and all I hear is three little distinct giggles coming from our daughters all at one time. Its heaven!

Addison love to eat. I don't mean like a baby - I mean, like we can't have her at the dinner table with us without her screaming her head off for solids and grabbing food from everyone's plates. Her dietician hoped we could get 1/2 packet of her Neocate Nutra babyfood in her - and she easily takes a whole packet - this has been responsible for a great weight gain over the past couple weeks - it is extremely dense in calories and she loves to eat it! Unfortunately she overdid it this week and ended up extremely backed up and sick. So now I have to go back down to just a little bit. Its hard to do when she wants it so much. I like making her happy, and eating solids makes her VERY happy! But we have to keep her belly issues under control. They told us we might have a struggle finding a balance between giving her enough food to keep her happy and yet keep her from becoming extremely constipated and having to start over again.

We spend a lot of time swimming in my parents pool and Addi is a little fish. She loves it! She also has recently found her toes and sucks on them (some people probably think its gross, but I say until you start walking on them, suck on! Its not like they're dirty!)

On our last trip to Nationwide Children's we learned that her stomach is properly emptying the food from her system and that really only tells us that the problem starts after that. We will be scheduling a very invasive test soon that will involve putting a scope down her nose and through her whole system. They don't like to do them on babies this young - so they want her to be 8 months or 15 pounds, whichever comes first. She is 13.5 pounds now. I think the test will take place sometime around mid-to-late July. I have a million more things to write but have to go for now. I will be back later to share alot more, expect to hear from me way more frequently now that the computer is fixed!!

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