Thursday, June 2, 2011

Pardon the Interruption

So sorry to leave everyone hanging - lots of messages from people asking if we are okay! We've had an extremely busy 10 days - which means Addison is having a 'good' spell and we are busy spending time as a family out of the hospital and out of the house :)

But the main reason I haven't been able to update is that our computer is totally squashed by a bad virus - I can't get online or even get it to boot. My HP mini only picks up a signal in one tiny corner of Addisons room lol so its not very conducive to catching up on things. I will be on soon to write a nice long update and let everyone know whats going on - we just got home from Columbus tonight and its been a very long day.
Keep an eye out, lots of info to come soon. For those who said they have been checking for updates, I think there is a feature where you can subscribe to get an email notification as I post? Not sure, sorry guys I am not the most tech savvy girl around.

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